Limericks Eats & Treats

Just seeing a photo of Limericks Eats & Treats warms my heart! Growing up in old Ferry Farm in the '80s & '90s meant Jack's Market was a part of your every day.  My brother and I would ride our bikes or when roller blades were all the rage, blade on over for our daily dose of root bear, Slush Puppies and Whatchamacallit Bars.

When I heard that a local couple had purchased the market after many, many years of it sitting dormant, I began following their progress on their Facebook page. It's been a long road to completion but the building was completely renovated, a patio has been added and they are now open for business!

My mom and I took the kids over last week for our first visit and were so impressed with all the owner's hard work. They offer a full ice cream counter, homemade baked goods/confections, kettle corn and a full menu.

We ordered pretty much one of everything they offered, everything was great but the chocolate cake was especially note worthy. So, so good! Way better then a Whatchamacallit! The owners, Dwayne and Holly stopped by our table and introduced themselves and in classic Ferry Farm fashion, a family friend came in and added to the nostalgia.

Be sure to stop by Limerick's and support this neighborhood small business!


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